SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE RACES is an independent production designed to produce a feature-length documentary about the RACEARENA & DANBURY FAIR memories.  Rich Hutwhol and Kirk Jarvis of Eleventhour Productions began this project in 2017 and are reyling on donations and sponsorships to create a presentation that preserves the wonderful memories and history of both The Great Danbary State Fair and the SNYRA racing days at the Racearena.  Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and go towards production & post production costs such as:  Video taping, travel & expenses. Video editing. Music rights for original & royalty free music. Marketing, promotions & web support.  Editing hardware & software programs. Dvd reproduction &  packaging. Screenings & assoicated events. Thank you!

A) Your COMPANY LOGO on the Racearena Memories website & company name in the end credits of the documentary.   $100.

B) Your  COMPANY LOGO on the Racearena Memories website.  Company name in the end credits of dvd.  Thank you on the back cover of the DVD  packaging.  LOGO on banner display at premiere screening & all associated promotional material.   $350.             

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Memories of  The Great Danbury State Fair & Danbury Racearena

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